i am so very weak

You think I have no heart?
Oh, I assure you, I do.
It's just far too heavy to carry around with me all the time.


Autumn came as winter left
I know, 'tis strange to be sure—
Two seasons passed
But then you found
That summer had left with her

Now Autumn's gone and winter's come
To drown all with her icy kiss
Of all the things
You'd ever dreamt 
You never thought it would end like this

When Autumn was here and summer began
She mended your world torn apart
But now, she's gone
Under earth and a stone
And I'm afraid she left with your heart

Now Autumn's come and Autumn's gone
You can't mend what inside she tore
You'll hear her voice
In the trees above
Whispering you've lost her forevermore.


the thing about time travel

today is awful
and you can't do anything
you're tired
and sick of life
and there's no hope for today
so you say you'll change tomorrow
and that will be the new beginning
tomorrow, everything will change
but then, as soon as tomorrow comes
you find
it's just another today.

911, what is your emergency?

No one really knows what to do
When there are seven paramedics going up and down your stairs
You just sort of stand there
And try to look ok
As they carry him out to a stretcher
That he should've been able to walk to
That he shouldn't have needed at all
You just stand there
And awkwardly try to stay out of the way
Try to melt into the floor
Try and slip into a shadow
And stay there


a six word story

One heart
For sale
Horrible condition



just for the record

I guess what it all comes down to
is that I'd rather save a life 
than keep a friend



watching the clock

you feel dead
and empty
and that is the worst type of feeling
because it's not feeling
and you can't do anything about it
because you don't want to.


wonder of wonder

Do you ever wonder
about pointless things
Like why music sticks in our heads
why rain is so quieting
why we give names to things
why we all know how to kiss
why we feel empathy for inanimate objects
why we choose certain people and say 'i like this one'
why hands fit together
why we cry for things that aren't worth crying about
and most importantly,
why normal people don't understand the magic of wondering