can i give you a flyer?

People don't naturally care. So give them a reason to.

rain is in my blood

Driving over was a nightmare. Californians have no idea how to drive in the rain. Brake lights, 35 on 50 mph streets, rain sheeting softly down, at just the wrong frequency for any windshield wiper settings. Getting out. Forgot an umbrella, pull my hood up around my face, take off glasses (there’s no way I’ll be able to see with those on), walk on the wet cement and soggy leaves across campus. Rain falls at an angle, the wind is steady and the clouds are just varying greys over my head.

What a beautiful, beautiful day.

on a definite lack of passion

I will not cry for you, but I’ll stay awake long hours at night thinking of nothing else.
I cannot be angry at you, but I’ll be irritated and cross for the next day.
I cannot be swept off my feet, but I’ll walk beside you and hold your hand.
I will not love at first sight, but I will at 76th.
I won’t be overjoyed at the thought of you, but I will feel a rest and content settling on my soul.
I cannot fall in love, I must run after it, always hoping, searching the four corners of the earth, finding it piece by piece, until I fit all the pieces together and it turns out to be you.
I will not be blinded by passion, because I have none.

I do not know if it’s vice or virtue, but I do know it’s me. And I’ve come to terms with that.