l i f e

You know why this life is worth living? Think of all the people out there, living their lives, unaware they live on a small, insignificant globe in an insignificant solar system in an insignificant galaxy that is so big it’s hard to think about. We’re all held on the surface by who-knows-what, and we can breathe what they call ‘air’ inside an atmosphere outside of which there is void and vacuum. All these people hardly realize what this means. It means, quite simply, LIFE is a miracle. All life. Somewhere out there someone is holding their new, tiny baby who just, just stopped crying their first cry. On this tiny little planet, totally unique. And the universe is such a big, big place. There are other planets, sure, but there are also other stars, that we’ve named after old things not believed any more, that fill our sky and that light took years and years to reach us, and it will still shine in our sky long after the star has burnt out. There are stars we can’t even see yet, new ones, that just formed, and there’s our neighboring galaxies, where we’ll never tread, that we’ve seen in our telescopes and things, and there are places and galaxies that only have a number, we haven’t gotten around to naming them yet, we might not have even seen them. And then there are the places that don’t have a name yet, we haven’t seen them, we have no idea of the wonders this place holds. We’ll never reach them in a thousand years, they are so far away, their light hasn’t reached us yet and won’t for another hundred thousand years. And through all this, these beautiful, extraordinary, dangerous places billions of miles and lightyears apart…
Life goes on on this little globe. There are birthdays and weddings to go to and people to love and laugh with and so many things to learn and find and explore and rainy days to sleep in on and sunsets to watch and cold days to be warm and cozy on and air to be breathed and truth to be found and songs to be sung and inside jokes to laugh at and love and love and love and YOU…
You are so, so, so

a l i v e.

oceans and airplanes

My lungs need air
And my soul needs rain

your complementary manual

Welcome to life. Here are the essentials:

Love people. You may not get along with some of them. Tough. 

Get over yourself. You were made in love and for love. You must continue to love. It’s really the only thing that’ll make this world better... Oh, they can promise that the economy, technological advancements, science, progress, and everything shiny will make the world a better place. It won’t. Don’t fall for that lie. 

You’re also not that big of a deal. This may seem cruel, at first, but it’s actually quite comforting. 

No one actually cares when you screw up.

You’re the only one that will remember your most embarrassing moment. 

Laugh. Laugh a lot. Laugh at the world, and laugh at yourself. 

Question. Question everything.

Never stop wondering. Some people don’t like it when you ask questions. Those are not the sort of people to look up to. Find people that will answer your questions, but that also will wonder with you. 

It really doesn’t matter how many friends you have. 

Be willing to try anything once, but remember that there’s only one first time you can do something. Be careful. 

Furry things make life so much easier. Invest in one. 

Never compromise who you are. If you don’t know who you are, that’s ok, neither does anyone else. 

Read a lot. 

Infatuation is not love, it can hurt very much if you get the two confused. 

Look up at the sky occasionally, you won’t be disappointed.

The world doesn’t hate you, nor does it love you. 

Don’t be afraid to be different than what people expect. They may try to put you in a box. It’s your choice to go willingly or not. 

Don’t waste time being angry or bitter, it’s really, really not worth it. 

Be thankful for everything. 

And love. Above all else, love.


I wonder how much of me is because of you.